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Welcome to Precision Brace & Prosthetics, where we are dedicated to providing quality orthotic and prosthetic care to our patients in a caring environment and timely manner.

Our staff is devoted to improving lives and opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Patients and their families are educated concerning the use and care of the particular orthosis or prosthetics, as well as other health concerns relating to their rehabilitation program. Practitioners treat each patient as an individual, remaining sensitive to the emotional and psychological aspects of adjusting to a disability. All patients are encouraged to achieve identified goals and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Our patients receive comprehensive care based on the latest techniques, technology, and advanced materials available to the orthotic and prosthetic profession. We take great pride in the exceptional quality of the custom design and fit of all devices received at Precision Brace. As part of the quality assurance program, we schedule regular check-ups to make sure that each orthopedic device delivers function and comfort. Periodic adjustments and modifications at certain intervals are just part of the comprehensive services we provide.

We are not affiliated with any manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors of orthotic and prosthetics products. Freedom to select from numerous sources assures that our component selection are made strictly on quality and reliability. At Precision Brace only experienced, certified, or licensed practitioners and highly-skilled technicians design, fit, and fabricate the orthopedic device considered the most appropriate to each person’s level of ability and the goals mutually set by patients and rehabilitation team members.

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What Our Patients Say About Us.

  • "I absolutely love this entire doctor's office. I go to the one in Russell Springs and they are so friendly, professional and you don't "feel" like you are at a doctor's office. They act like a big family and you are included. Highly recommend."
    Sarah S.
  • "Cumberland Foot and Ankle Center is the best in the business and in Central Kentucky. The staff and the doctors actually care about and for each and every patient. I'm glad we have such quality and experienced people in which we can put confidence in when it comes to our well-being."
    Arthur A.
  • "Nothing but absolutely great things to say about the facility and Dr. Roberts. I had been in foot pain for 3 months and forgotten what it was like to feel good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Roberts, for giving my life back to me!"
    Angie F.
  • "Superior medical care for feet!"
    Lori W.
  • "What a great first visit today. Entire staff was extremely professional and courteous. I would highly recommend going to Cumberland Foot and Ankle in Bowling Green KY."
    Susan B.
  • "Had very good experience. Good doctors and friendly staff... One stop takes care of many needs."
    Danny H.

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