Our Services

  • On select devices, we provide in-house manufacturing facility to enhance fast turnaround.
  • All practitioners are licensed and/or certified by ABC or BOC.
  • Our practitioners certified in the latest performance enhancing technologies such as C-legs and Harmony Systems.
  • We offer expert administrative staff to assist patients, nursing homes, and hospitals with insurance and financial arrangements.
  • Our providers provide the complete range of orthotic and prosthetic devices.
  • We are committed to education and training for patients, caregivers, and hospital staffs.
  • Precision Brace & Prosthetics is ABC credited.

Prosthetic Services

  • Ultra-lightweight Prosthetics
  • Cosmetic Skins
  • Myo-electric Arm Prosthetics
  • Sports Prosthetics
  • Pediatric Prosthetics
  • Swimming/Shower Limbs
  • Energy Storing Feet
  • Carbon Fiber Technology
  • Flexible Prosthetic Fitting Technologies

Orthotic Services

  • Functional Foot Orthotics
  • Custom Sports Knee Braces
  • Functional Fracture Management
  • Spinal Bracing
  • Pediatric Bracing
  • Compression Therapy
  • Intact Cranial Remolding Helmets
  • Custom Footwear
  • Therapeutic Footwear